New Postal Rates – 2013 Update

19 Feb

The USPS raised rates last month.  We’ve created a handy, printable PDF guide to the new rates, which you can access here: PostalRateGuide-2013 Great to post all around the office! Also, visit our new company Web Mobile Image to learn about how we can help with web design & development, including optimizing your current website […]

Updated 2012 Postal Rates Chart

6 Apr

This just in! Our handy First Class postal rate chart is now available for download. Please feel free to share. And, if you need some help with your next design, print, addressing, or mailing project, visit our home page to find out how we can help! Call or e-mail anytime.

An envelope in-hand is worth two e-mails

5 Jan

Physical mail is more effective than e-mail. Empirically proven. Thank you, Science! From Ellen Paul’s terrific piece in the DMAW newsletter: In the end, the researchers found three significant differences in perception: 1. Direct mail generates a deeper emotional response in the emotional centers of the brain. 2. The brain sees physical mail as more […]

USPS Rescue Plan: Junk Mail

6 Oct

Good piece in today’s Wall Street Journal. Interesting observation: Only 1.4% of households made a purchase, opened a checking account, or otherwise responded in 2010 to advertising mail sent to potential new customers, according to the Direct Marketing Association, a trade group. That’s down from 1.7% in 2005. I’d argue that the less people use […]

Have a big file to send us?

21 Jul

Use the tool below to safely send us large files.

Our handy guide to First Class postal rates

1 Jun

Check out our very helpful, very handy guide to First Class Postal Rates!  Feel free to download, print, and share.

How to set up your data file

20 Apr

This post is offered mostly for those who have a wedding or another social event on their hands and aren’t sure how to format their file for the addressing and mailing.  But the advice works the same for anyone. So, let’s start with file formats. Here at The Elegant Envelope, we’re pretty flexible; we can […]

Get ready for new postage rates!

6 Apr

Unfortunately, it’s that dreaded time again.  As of April 17, 2011, postage rates are going up.  Since the vast majority of the work we do here at The Elegant Envelope is First Class (retail) mail, that’s what this post will focus on. The good news is: if you’re just sending out a 1 ounce letter, […]

Audio Interview: How we can help with your wedding invitations

4 Apr

It’s that time of year again, when we’re starting to get a lot of calls about addressing wedding invitation envelopes.  If you’re looking for calligraphy on your invitations, I’m going to be putting up a number of posts on this topic, and sort-of walk you through the process. As an overview, though, I just did […]

What does 44 cents buy these days?

22 Mar

Ellen Paul has a great post on her blog today about the state of the USPS and where all the money goes.  Enjoy!